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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the school directly.

Q.  Do you offer UPK?
A. Yes we do. Please contact school for information.

Q. Where can I purchase uniforms?
A.  Ludells Uniform Company located at 364 South Broadway, Yonkers, NY, (914)969-2664.

Q. What happens on Snow Days
A. School will send out an IRIS Alert to inform parents about closures or delayed openings. We follow NYC DOE (Dept of Education) school closing policies.
Any emergency school closings will also be posted on the OLG website home page.

Q. Is there a summer enrichment program?
A. OLG offers a fun-filled summer camp. Please contact school for details.

Q. Does the school accept children with an IEP or IESP?
A. Yes, students with IEP or ISP’s are accepted. Please contact school regarding details about the services provided.

Q. Do you have early morning drop- off/ after-school care?
A. Early morning drop-off is at 7:00 a.m . Afterschool is provided until 6 p.m. Please click here for information.

Q. What programs does the school offer?
A. OLG offers a variety of sports and other afterschool programs. Please click here for list of school programs.

Q. Do you have separate rates for Catholic/ non-Catholic families?
A. All tuition rates are the same.

Q. How much is the lunch program?
A. OLG provides a free lunch and breakfast program to all students.

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